Payy Network FAQ

Frequently asked questions about using Polybase.

How can I use the Payy Network?

— the non-custodial wallet for Polybase.

How are private transactions possible on a public blockchain?

While there are several methods for enabling privacy, Polybase uses Zero Knowledge Proofs to remove the need to publish transaction details.

Which wallet should I use on the Payy Network?

Payy is the non-custodial wallet for Polybase.

Is the Payy Network EVM compatible?

No. Currently, Ethereum's EVM infrastructure does not allow for private transactions in a computationally efficient and scalable way. Because of this, we have handwritten the custom ZK circuits for Polybase, enabling true privacy on a public blockchain.

Where does validation take place? Sequencer, prover, or both?

The sequencers and provers both perform some part of validation. They can both be run by the same node.

Does the Payy Network have public or private node operators?

Private right now, invite only. If you have interest in running a node, visit our section Run a node

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