The first self-custodial bank for all of humanity.

Payy lets you send stablecoins, earn yield and use DeFi without understanding crypto or revealing your entire financial history.

We've built 3 components that make this possible:

  • Payy Network — An app-specific zk-rollup enabling privacy and scalability for payments and DeFi.

  • Payy Wallet — A non-custodial mobile wallet with a novel UX and stablecoin core position.

  • Payy Intents — A non-custodial proxy that abstracts lending, market making and (re)staking on any protocol across any chain.

Payy is better than using a centralized exchange because it’s non-custodial and you get access to high yields in DeFi protocols for LPing, staking and lending.

Payy is better than existing wallets because they are simply tools to view token balances and sign transactions. We’re rethinking the wallet from the ground up to feel like a banking app.

There are three main differences from existing wallets.

  1. Your core position is held in stablecoins with an optional sweep to earn safe yield that’s higher than TradFi.

  2. Sending money is private and instant using links, removing the cold start problem of a payments network and the complexity of chains, tokens and addresses.

  3. Lending on Aave or LPing on Uniswap takes seconds instead of all the bridging, swapping and signing with other wallets.

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