For years we’ve had the underlying capabilities for a self-custodial bank with stablecoins and DeFi, but the interface is still complex and unsafe for most people.

It’s complex because it requires many steps and new concepts.

  • When wallets show a constantly changing balance, it feels like speculation, not saving.

  • When you have to choose a chain, a token, an address and pay gas, just to send money, it’s painful, not payments.

  • When you have to bridge, swap and sign multiple transactions to lend or LP, it’s daunting, not decentralized finance.

It’s unsafe because all activity is public and there are no guardrails.

  • Fully public transactions create social and real physical danger

  • Using new websites and signing unfamiliar transactions causes anxiety, mistakes and lost funds

These two barriers are keeping billions of people from the real-life benefits of crypto.

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